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Treating the Muscles, Ligaments and Fascia as well as the Joints for Optimal Healing

Muscles are covered by a blanketing structure called fascia. Fascia covers all of the internal structures of the body, including the muscles and the organs. Many important structures run through the fascia, including the lymph vessels, blood vessels, and nerves. Because these important structures lie between the fascia and the muscle, they can be easily compressed or restricted by tightened fascia. Using mechanical force, Dr. Krier helps to realign the fascia, which in turn improves the structure of the body promoting better lymph, blood, and nerve flow. 


Applying mechanical force and heat to change the form of the fascia is known as myofascial therapy. The term table-assisted myofascial relief or active release technique implies that the patient or table is actively moving a body part during the therapy. The term manual trigger point therapy implies that the patient is static.

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