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Blood Pressure

IV Plaquex

Phospholipids, particularly phosphatidyl choline (PC), are essential to life and tissue function. They are the major building block of cell membranes which surround every cell in the body and allow for healthy cellular function and communication.

Intravenous PC is called Plaquex therapy. It has several actions including decreasing plaquing in arteries, improving circulation (especially in Diabetics), boosting sexual performance, reversing the ravages of aging, acting as a potent liver detoxifier, and detoxifying biotoxins and toxic heavy metals.

Although our bodies produce PC, with age this synthesis is impeded. Other phospholipids and cholesterol increase. The effect of this is an inability of cells to let nourishment in and toxins out, an inability of chemical receptors to function properly in the cell membrane, an increase in arterial plaquing and atherosclerosis, and a decrease in the ability of the heart to pump blood through ever narrowing arteries.

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