Lab Sampling 

Important patient guidelines for testing


All lab tests require at least 14 hours of food fasting (can only have water during this time, no coffee or other beverage) unless otherwise determined by doctor


If taking Biotin please refrain from use at least 7 days prior to lab appointment or unless determined by doctor.


Any Thyroid medication MUST be taken 4 hours prior to lab testing or as directed by doctor.

Hormone Troche

Take hormone troche or pills 4 hours prior to lab or as directed by doctor

Hormone Creams

Any Hormonal creams must be taken 6 hours prior to lab appointment or as directed by Doctor

Women's Health

Many labs for hormonal, adrenal, and cortisol testing require menstruating women to be on days 19-24 of their menstrual cycle (if unsure consult Vis Health Coach or Vis Nursing staff for assistance on when to take these tests.)

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