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Vis Clinic offers Various Electrical Physiotherapy Modalities 

High Volt Electrical Therapy: Decrease pain through encephalin production

Effective for:

  • Reducing muscle spasm

  • Reducing trigger points

  • Decreasing musculoskeletal pain

Interferential Current: Medium frequency waveform distributed through two channels (four electrodes). The currents cross each other in the body at the area requiring treatment.

Effective for:

  • Decreasing pain

  • Decreasing local swelling

  • Restoring normal skeletal movements



Premodulated Current: A medium frequency waveform used to decrease pain, edema, and muscle spasm. Similar in its benefits and ease of use for patients as interferential current. The main difference between the two is how the current is delivered to the patient’s muscle tissue. With premod current, a single channel is used to mix the frequencies prior to delivery of the current through the electrode of the body (using two electrodes rather than four). 


  • treating areas of the body that have less space available for electrode placement. 

  • perfect choice to use on smaller muscle groups and joints such as the elbow, ankle, foot, and hands. 

Microcurrent: A monophasic waveform of very low intensity that closely simulates the electrical current generated by the human body


  • Promotes tissue healing on an energetic level


Russian Current: This method of electrical therapy can produce maximal muscle strengthening effects without significant discomfort to the patient. Stimulates hypertrophy in weak or imbalanced muscle groups


  • Strengthens weakened muscles

  • Exercises muscle groups


TENS: TENS waveform has a short pulse duration capable of strong stimulation of the nerve fibers in the skin as well as muscle tissue. It works well for reducing pain based on the pain-gate theory.


  • Decreases musculoskeletal pain

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