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Sports Injury


The Auto*Therm® 395 is a shortwave diathermy device that provides traditional shortwave diathermy therapy using a condenser and electromagnetic inductive coil fields in both continuous and pulsed modes of operation. 


The use of shortwave diathermy for heat therapy has the advantage of penetrating deeper than other conventional methods, such as hot packs, infrared lights, and heat pillows. 


When shortwave diathermy is applied in short, high-energy pulses the depth of penetration is increased, having a particularly positive effect on the blood circulation, while the temperature-sensitive skin hardly feels the heat. 


The heat generated induces a whole range of physiological effects such as:

  • Relaxed muscles, tendons, and other connective tissues

  • Increased blood circulation in the treatment area

  • Pain relief

  • Increased range of motion of contracted joints

  • Increased blood flow to tissues in the treatment area which promotes detoxification while increasing the local immune response



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