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Detox Food Plan

In the modern world, everyone is exposed to a mixture of chemical compounds daily, as well as many foods and nutrients that can upregulate the body’s natural processes of eliminating those toxicants. An overloaded detoxification pathway may lead to clinical patterns such as immune dysfunction or endocrine disruption that indicate potential toxic exposure. Food and nutrients that support liver biotransformation may help alleviate toxic burden, allowing the body to operate more efficiently and improve resilience. The Detox Food Plan benefits patients by helping them eat more of those foods that support pathways in the liver for healthy elimination, as well as reduce additional exposures to toxic compounds.  This plan is a useful adjunct following a successful 10- or 25-Day Vis Clinic Cleanse.


The Detox Food Plan is designed for the following individuals:

  • Those with type 2 diabetes

  • Those struggling with obesity

  • Those with metabolic syndrome

  • Those with a heavy toxic burden

  • Those struggling with constipation

  • Those struggling with hormone imbalance

  • Those with fatigue

  • Those with neurological conditions such as tremors, headaches, and cognitive difficulties

  • Those with early-onset or family history of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

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