CranioSacral for Stress and Pain Management

Part of our Functional, Naturopathic, and Environmental medicine model, CranioSacral (CS) utilizes gentle touch to manipulate soft and bony structures with the goal of balancing systems, relieving symptoms and correcting displacements of various tissues as per CranioSacral theory.

Your clinician will have you lie on a table on your back. You may wish to be covered with a sheet or blanket. Even though you will remain fully clothed, the relaxing nature of the treatment mak make you feel a little cold. The clinician will then palpate (i.e. examine the CS rhythm by touch) by placing her/his hands on your head then your sacrum. You may be asked to shift your body slightly from time to time. The clinician will apply very light pressure as they attempt to release the restrictions they have felt.

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