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Water Drops

10- or 25-Day Vis Clinic Cleanse Program

The Cleansing programs stimulate specific cleansing organs in your body including the liver, kidneys, intestines, and skin to help you lose extra fat, remove toxins, and feel better. The 10-day Cleanse can be used as a booster to set your health back on track and move you in the right dietary directions. The 25-day Cleanse is for those who need a full reset and desire a more extensive cleanse to remove fat-soluble toxins from their cells to optimize health. The Cleansing program(s) combines Vis clinic visits/therapies with convenient at-home phased supplement packets and tools to activate your own organs of elimination:



  • Filters toxins

  • Aids the body in metabolizing fat, protein, and carbohydrates

  • Helps transform many toxins into harmless agents



  • Filters out waste and excess fluid from the blood                                                        

  • Regulate and release the right balance of sodium, phosphorus, and potassium for the body to function properly


Small Intestine:

  • Digests food so that nutrients can be absorbed into the blood and transported to the liver

  • Provides a barrier that blocks toxins from the rest of the body


Large Intestine:

  • Absorbs water and electrolytes, forming waste that is excreted from the body

  • Produces antibodies for gastrointestinal health

  • Contains bacterium that creates fatty acids and some vitamins for additional nutritional support                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


  • Transforms toxins from lipid-soluble or oil-based, into easier to eliminate,
    water-soluble form

  • Sweat carries toxins out of the body and flushes them out through the pores
    in the skin        

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