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Doctor and Health Coach Wellness Bundle 


All New Patients utilize Vis Clinic’s Six-Month Doctor and Health Coach Wellness Bundle:  The Wellness Bundle includes an initial visit, history, intake, and lifestyle inventory with the health coach and Doctor and as well as four (4) additional visits with the Doctor and six (6) additional health coaching sessions over a six (6) month time span. We offer three different pricing structures for your convenience.


Based on our experience, we have discovered that patients who are committed to staying disciplined in their health journey during the first six months progress much faster toward their health goals. Therefore, in order to help you reach optimal health, new patients are asked to commit to a six-month program rather than an occasional visit. During the six months, you will visit with the doctor and health coach at different intervals to help you make necessary tweaks to your regimen. 


What do the 6-month Doctor visits include?

  • Visit 1-Initial History intake, vitals, exam (1 hours)

  • Visit 2-Report of findings/New Health Plan (1 hour 15 minutes)

  • Visit 3-Troubleshooting/Plan adjustments (45 minutes)

  • Visit 4-Repeat lab testing and discuss new plan of action (30 minutes)

  • Visit 5-Report of findings/new treatment plan (1 hour)

  • Beyond 6 months: Dependent upon patient need, follow-up visits with the doctor are at least every 6 months with labs and other therapies. 

In addition to our doctor’s visits, our Certified Functional Medicine Nutrition Health Coach plays a key role in helping patients find success by supporting, guiding, and educating individuals throughout their health journey. When working with our health coach, you will co-create health goals and overcome obstacles that ultimately lead to positive change while being held accountable. Whether you are struggling with sticking to a food plan, wanting to lose weight or finding an exercise routine that works for you, our health coach will be there every step of the way. Making gradual, lifelong changes enables patients to reach current and future wellness goals and find success with overall health. 


What do the 6-month Health Coach visits include?

  • Lifestyle Inventory (30 minutes)

  • Brief Health Coach/patient introduction (15 minutes)

  • Two 1-hour sessions (includes email/phone communication
    in between sessions)

  • Four 30-minute sessions (includes email/phone communication
    in between sessions)

  • Meal Planning

  • Receive email and phone support between sessions 

  • Beyond 6 months: Individual Health Coaching sessions and packages are available
    depending on patient needs. 

Interested in our Six Month Doctor and Health Coach Wellness Bundle? 

Please call our patient coordinators for more information. Payment plans are available.                                                                                      


Immune Support IV Therapy Visit


An IV Nutrient “push" is a therapy given intravenously over a short period of time, typically 15-35 minutes. This IV is now open to the general public at Vis Clinic, please see restrictions below.

Patients who have not been seen at Vis Clinic for 2 years or longer OR non-patients will require a brief visit with a Vis Clinic doctor prior to receiving IV Therapy. This brief visit includes a review of the patient’s health history, vital signs, and current medication and supplements as well as review of past medical history to assure no diagnosis that would make IV therapy a potential hazard.  The doctor will share an explanation of IV therapy recommended and a discussion/writeup of recommended supplements. We suggest that you eat something prior to the IV Nutrient infusion since a high dose of IV nutrients can cause a mild blood sugar drop in some individuals. 


  • Brief History Form Questionnaire, Vital signs, brief Physical, Medication and Supplement review

  • Brief review of past medical history to assure no diagnosis that would make IV therapy a potential hazard

  • Brief discussion of IV therapy recommended

  • Dietary interventions in detail

The IV PUSH(s) OR NEBULIZED THERAPIES can be repeated weekly or more often to maintain high intracellular reserves of Vitamin C, Glutathione or other Nutrients.  (This is in addition to any oral supplements or lifestyle adjustments you have made to improve your immune health.)

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